Monday, August 17, 2009

Time sure does fly when having fun...

On our quest to become Adirondack 46r's, my husband and I have shared many great times together. The photos below represent just 2 of those wonderful moments. The first photo is from September of 2002 when we first started our quest to become one of the elite 46r's...

We haven't hiked much since 2003, as life got in the way and 2 years were spent living in Colorado. But we have recently gotten the itch to return to the High Peaks and continue our quest. The photo below is from a hike up Algonquin Peak yesterday, 08/16/09. Although we have already done this one before, we were looking for an adventure, and a little bit of motivation to finish the 11 peaks we have left.

Stay tuned for a few more photos and a bit more description of the hike we took yesterday up Algonquin.

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