Monday, August 17, 2009

Time sure does fly when having fun...

On our quest to become Adirondack 46r's, my husband and I have shared many great times together. The photos below represent just 2 of those wonderful moments. The first photo is from September of 2002 when we first started our quest to become one of the elite 46r's...

We haven't hiked much since 2003, as life got in the way and 2 years were spent living in Colorado. But we have recently gotten the itch to return to the High Peaks and continue our quest. The photo below is from a hike up Algonquin Peak yesterday, 08/16/09. Although we have already done this one before, we were looking for an adventure, and a little bit of motivation to finish the 11 peaks we have left.

Stay tuned for a few more photos and a bit more description of the hike we took yesterday up Algonquin.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Noonmark Mtn.

While not a hike peak, Noonmark Mt. comes in at an elevation of 3556ft. We have hiked this mountain twice; once in the fall of 2006 and then again on August 9, 2009 (just last Sunday). The hike is amazing, and if you ever get a chance it is a must. The view from the top is gorgeous and one can see the entire Great Range and beyond.

The first time we hiked this we took the Stimson Trail from the Ausable Club Road. This trail is very steep, but has amazing views along the way.

This past trip, we decided to hike Noonmark from the South East via the Dix Mt. trail that starts on Route 73 and the Felix-Adler Trail. This trail is longer, but less steep than the trail from the north, and much less crowded. Round-trip was about 6.8 miles. No views this time, but fun none the less. It definitely gave us the itch to get back to the high peaks!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

High Peaks!

Adirondack High Peaks Hiked = 35
Cascade - September 7, 2002; 4098ft
Porter - September 7, 2002; 4059ft.

Giant - September 14, 2002; 4627ft.
Rocky Peak Ridge - September 14, 2002; 4420ft.

Wright - October 6, 2002; 4580ft.
Algonquin - October 6, 2002; 5114ft.
Iroquois - October 6, 2002; 4840ft.

Big Slide - October 12, 2002; 4240ft.
Basin - October 13, 2002; 4827ft.
Saddleback - October 13, 2002; 4515ft.

Dix Mt. - November 16, 2002; 4857ft.

Whiteface - April 26, 2003; 4867ft.
Esther - April 26, 2003; 4240ft.

Dial - May 3, 2003; 4020ft.
Nippletop - May 3, 2003; 4620ft.

Panther - May 10, 2003; 4442ft.
Santanoni - May 10, 2003; 4607ft.

Gray Mt. - May 19, 2003; 4840ft.
Skylight - May 19, 2003; 4926ft.
Marcy - May 19, 2003

Tabletop - August 30, 2003; 4427ft.

Cliff Mt. - October 11, 2003; 3960ft.
Redfield - October 11, 2003; 4606ft.
Colden - October 11, 2003; 4714ft.

Mt. Colvin - November 1, 2003; 4057ft.
Blake - November 1, 2003; 3960ft.

Nye Mt. - November 8, 2003; 3895ft.
Street Mt. - November 8, 2003; 4166ft.

Phelps - November 23, 2003; 4161ft.

Gothics - November 26, 2003; 4736ft.
Armstrong - November 26, 2003; 4400ft.
Upper Wolfjaw - November 26, 2003; 4185ft.

Lower Wolfjaw - June 15, 2004

Sawteeth - June 20, 2004

Marshall - October 9, 2006

Remaining Peaks = 11
Seymour; 4120ft.
Seward; 4361ft.
Donaldson; 4140ft.
Emmons; 4040ft.
Hough; 4400ft.
East Dix; 4012ft.
South Dix; 4060ft
Macomb; 4405ft.
Haystack; 4960ft.
Allen; 4340ft.
Couchsachraga; 3820ft.

As you can see from the list, we did ALOT of hiking in 2002 and 2003. I wish we could get back to that, I was in awesome shape! I will update the list when we get around to finishing them off. But in the meantime I will update with the hikes we do, whether high peaks or not.