Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Home-Made Hummus

Ok, so this post isn't going to be about hiking... but I wanted to share a great recipe I found (and it's really simple as well), for home-made hummus. I LOVE hummus, and always buy it at the grocery store, but I'm trying to become healthier and decided that it's easy enough to make at home, so why not try it? Right?

Here's the recipe:

2 cans Garbanzo beans, drained and rinsed well
6 Tbsp Tahini
a handful of fresh parsley
2-3 Garlic Cloves
2-3 scallions (white parts only)
3/4 - 1 tsp salt
6 Tbsp lemon juice

The gist of the recipe is: Combine everything in a food processor, or blender; process until smooth.

If you want to specifically follow the recipe, it states to combine the parsley, garlic and scallions in the food processor first and run until well combined and chopped. Then add the garbanzo beans, tahini and lemon juice and salt and process until at desired consistency. I did it this way, but I'm not sure I would bother next time. I say throw it all together and flip the switch!

I tried it just after making it, and it was really good. But the recipe suggests letting it sit for a day before serving to let the flavors really enhance. I can't wait to try it tomorrow!

Oh yeah, this makes quite a bit (3ish cups), so if you won't eat it quickly, I'd say halve the recipe. In my house, it doesn't go to waste! I love it on sandwiches instead of having meat or mayo, or just with crackers or veggies. Any way you serve it is guaranteed to be delicious!

Buck Mtn. - Valentine's Day Hike 2010

While I like Valentine's Day, I'm not into the box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, sappy card type celebration. I like to enjoy the day doing the things I love with the one I love; which is why we decided to head out for a hike on this beautiful winter day (followed by a delicious home-made dinner! I LOVE to cook for other people).

The temperature was in the low 30's, and although it was overcast, the clouds were high in the sky allowing for some great views.

We chose to hike Buck Mountain from the east side via Shelving Rock Road. This is usually our trail of choice due to the lack of people who use it. We saw two other cars along the road, but not a single person hiking. It was wonderful to have the trail and the mountain top to ourselves.

The trail was... well, it was practically a sheet of ice, covered by another sheet of ice. The lack of snow this winter has been so depressing. Let's hope this "storm" that is heading this way tomorrow leaves us with a few fresh inches. While some type of micro-spike or yak-trax may have come in handy, we bare-booted the trail today, and yes, I did fall.

Here's Jake having fun on the ice, it was great to play around on!

The lack of snow did lend itself to some really beautiful ice formations on all the little streams that cross this particular trail. They would normally be hidden by the snow.

One of the many frozen streams along the trail.

There were great views from the top. Here you can see Gore Mountain very clearly in the distance.

It was a great hike, with the boys I love (my husband and our two pups!). Hopefully we get some snow and can head out on snowshoes next weekend!