Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Tales

This bout of "warm" weather made it a wonderful weekend to get out on a few short adventures.

The plan for Saturday was to head up to the Brant Lake area and snowshoe the southern access trail into Pharaoh Lake, but those plans fell through and I headed out on my own with the dogs. I wasn't keen on going to an area where I had never been before by myself, so I changed the plans and went to Thomas Mountain. The mountain is located just west of Bolton Landing on land owned by the Lake George Land Conservancy. Thomas Mountain is the shorter, and easier climb, but if you are up for a little more hiking Cat Mountain is very nice and there is a trail between the two peaks, so hiking a loop is possible. I've hiked the loop a few times before, but wasn't feeling up to it today.

The trail is very well packed down, so snowshoes were not necessary. The beginning of the trail would have been great on cross-country skis, but as the trail begins to head up, I wouldn't want to be the one on skis. Maybe the more adventurous will try that out. I ran into two skiers, but they were the only ones I saw all day. It was a beautiful day to be out and the dogs and I had a great time as always.

The view from the top of Thomas Mtn.

Shadow; always such a happy boy!

Baxter; heading back down the trail

Monday (a holiday for me at work, so I was off) dawned another "warm" day so Jake and I loaded the dogs into the car and headed up to the other side of Lake George, the east side, to the Shelving Rock area. We haven't been to the falls yet this winter and I got inspiration from another nature lover's trip that I thought it would be a great place to spend some time outdoors. Again, we were the only ones out and about and the peace and quiet was a nice change from some of the busier trails in the Adirondacks.

The falls are always so impressive in the winter. I love how every year they freeze differently creating such interesting patterns and textures. We headed down to the lake after visiting the falls to find open water, and lots of it. There was a little ice around the edges, but the whole lake, from our perspective, was open water. Our dogs (the crazy boys that they are) were even swimming! I think they must have some Polar Bear blood in them. We had a nice day, as did the dogs, and were happy to be outdoors, if even on a short hike.

I'm not sure what these are, but the color was beautiful against all the snow.

The always beautiful frozen Shelving Rock Falls.

Gushing water under the ice.

The lake was very calm and peaceful today.

Crazy Shadow, the lake is too cold for swimming!

We are hoping to get out next weekend to explore some new terrain. Anyone ever been to the Blue Ledges on the Hudson River? I've heard it's a beautiful place and thought it may be a nice snowshoe trip (and it is on our way up to the hunting camp in Newcomb which we have tentative plans to visit for the night on Friday).


  1. Fabulous photos as always, Jessie! You have such a unique eye for the perfect shot...
    PS-I don't know how to post here so shall be anonymous. Love, mom

  2. We've hiked into the Blue Ledges twice, but only in the summer. It is absolutely beautiful in there. Enjoy!

    Sarah GM

  3. Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of Shelving Rock Falls. Our pooch Ginger would probably be in the water with Shadow.